AUPAP and Oasis of Hope Project Updates

The Africa Urban Poverty Alleviation (AUPAP) projects at both Khudo School and the Migosi Market/Carwash are completed as is the Boulder Kisumu Sister City Committee/Rotary Oasis of Hope School!

AUPAP and Oasis of Hope Project Updates June 2011:

AUPAP - Khudo School Water and Sanitation

Sanitation Block, Khudo School, May, 2011

Sanitation, Hand Hygiene, Running Water!!!!!

The Completed Sanitation Block, and Girls Shower!!!!

AUPAP - Migosi Market/Trading Centre Sanitation and Shower Facility

Sanitation Block, Migosi Market (Car Wash), June, 2011

Sanitation, Hand Hygiene, Showers!!!!!

Boulder Kisumu and Rotary - Oasis of Hope School Sanitation Block

Sanitation Block, Oasis of Hope School, May, 2011

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