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Boulder Kisumu Update

Join us for An Evening in Kisumu

Save the Date!

May 30th Wednesday May 30th 6 to 8pm for “An Evening in Kisumu” at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse located at 1770 13th Street, Boulder Colorado 80302

This special event is open to donors, friends, and interested parties of the Boulder Kisumu Sister City Committee. The event will be held the night after the Kenyan Tea Seminar (also at the Teahouse)

Although it is not yet confirmed, we are anticipating the attendance of Mr. Haggai Kadiri, the Director of Administration, County of Kisumu during this week. Haggai is just one of our trusted partners in Kisumu and his work within the community, including the Oasis of Hope School, is incredible.

The event will feature Kenyan finger food dishes and Kenyan Tea. There will be a cash bar available. The event is generously sponsored by the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House and Three Leaf Concepts There is no charge to attend the event, however, we would greatly appreciate your RSVP for planning purposes. Please RSVP to:

Project Activity

High School Pen Pals

The Oasis of Hope School in Kisumu (site of several Boulder Kisumu Sister City projects) wanted to reach out and wrote letters to students at Boulder High School. Mr. Haggai Kadiri, the school’s benefactor forwarded and organized this project. In typical Rotary fashion, The Boulder High School Interact Club (a youth Rotary assisted volunteer organization) answered the letters. This outreach and exchange exemplifies the ideology of BKSCC and Sister Cites International to acquire a consciousness of each other as individuals, as members of their community, and as part of the family of nations. Learn more about Sister Cities International at h Learn more about Sister Cities International at

Athletic Zaji – Sustainable Cooking Fuel Project

Athletic Zaji FC is a soccer club founded by Peter Mwembe in Kisumu with the primary focus on young kids under the age of 15 years. Peter is using a focus on team and sports to help these disadvantaged and impoverished youth to keep them on a path of success in their lives through a focus on sport and sportsmanship. “We sharpen their soccer skills, and offer life skills while at it, encouraging the kids to not consider their circumstances as disadvantageous and debilitating to their ability to be better people in the future.”

Peter Mwembe and his wife Immaculate are the Kisumu Athletic Zaji “Briq Boys Project” champions. The project, has recently been funded by The Boulder Kisumu Sister City Committee and is a socio-economic enterprise that will see Athletic Zaji FC produce cooking briquettes. The briquettes are made from locally available materials like charcoal dust, sawdust and sugarcane bagasse that is ground, mixed into a thick slurry and condensed using presses. The “briqs” will be sold to the Kisumu community as a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to burning wood and decreases deforestation! Earnings from the enterprise will be used to assist in funding the sponsorship of Athletic Zaji and the youth that it serves specifically in the form of uniforms, meals for the kids, coaches, soccer boots, shin guards and soccer balls.

The hardware for the sustainable project included grinder, slurry tanks and briquette presses - all manufactured by hand in Kisumu and Nairobi. See Peter working on the inaugural run of the equipment at this link!:

Project description and details, written and submitted by Peter is attached here:

BKSCC is proud to partner with Athletic Zaji to assist in creating a better future for the team members and their community!

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