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Projects of 2012-2013

2012-2013 Projects

This Year, Two New Schools were selected to receive Sanitation Blocks. Ventilated Pit Latrines were chosen due to the lack of water at the schools. The Latrines are both 4-Door and include hand sanitation stations. At Orenge School, the block is dedicated for girls and at the Nduru Kadero School there are 2 for girls and two for boys.

Our Third project is a a sustainable income generating business with Women Business Partners.

Orenge School Sanitation Block

Orenge primary school is a mixed public school located in the poor environs of the city .The institution has a population of five hundred and eighteen students. The school currently has three toilets blocks against huge school population. This is way below the government required ratio of toilet to pupils and as such students waste much time cueing to use the loos. Construction of the latrines will create a friendlier school for the student and ensure the students privacy and dignity is respected.

Nduru Kadero School Sanitation Block

Nduru kadero is a public mixed primary school situated in the poor environs in the north central area of Kisumu county. It is one of the oldest but less developed schools started by the government of Kenya in 1957. The school currently has a population of 609 students.

Winnie Opar and Victoria Lyon's Women's Group Poultry Project

The Victoria Lyon's Women's Group was created in 2009, with a goal of creating a sustainable income generating business with Women Business Partners in the Kisumu District of Western Kenya. The business assists in lifting these women from abject poverty by providing meaningful work and skills that empower them in amazing ways to improve their condition.

The proposed project is to create a small, sustainable poultry business (house, heaters, feeders, chicks, etc.) that can be used as one of the business activities that help to sustain these women.

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